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Tree Cutting Tips that you Should Know

Bringing down a tree is not as easy as it sounds. There are a number of precautionary measures that have to be heeded to by the tree cutting personnel before service delivery. Due to the delicate nature of this task, you should not try to cut down the tree yourself unless you have the required skills and legal accreditation.

tree cutting

Here are some tips that you should know about tree removal.

Be Patient

Attempting to cut down a bunch of trees all at once is highly not recommendable as it increases the risk of accidents occurring as well damage to the neighboring trees and structures. If you must get rid of all the trees in the yard, it is imperative to examine each of them independently before embarking on cutting them down. The main objective of your evaluation should be to limit the amount of work and time that you spend on one tree. For instance, consider the place the tree is most likely to fall to prevent collateral damage.

Do Not Force It

Change in wind direction can affect the direction that the tree falls. You should never try to force a tree to fall in a particular direction or area especially if it has already started to sway, as this can result in a fatal accident. Let it drop, cut the logs and treetops, and move them to where you want them to be.

Sharpen your Tools

Whether you are using a chainsaw or an axe, it has to be sharp to get the job done in the least time possible. A blunt chainsaw will not only wear you out but also compromise the efficiency and functionalism of the internal components such as the chain.

Cut as Close to the Ground as Possible

Unless you are planning to use the stump for other purposes such as creating a birdbath in your yard, direct the personnel cutting the tree as close as possible to the ground. By doing this, your landscape will look cleaner and safe for your children. It is also important to note that stumps that are close the soil decompose faster thereby adding essential nutrients to the soil.

Carry all the Required Equipment

The chain saw may break down at any time. Hence, it is imperative to pack some tools to save time that you would have spent driving back home to get a new one or driving to a store for repairs. Go an extra mile and pack a snack and a bottle of water to keep your body hydrated.

Have a Companion

Anything can happen when cutting down the tree and so it is recommendable to have a companion to watch and help you in case of any eventuality. Also remember to carry your phone to get emergency medical care faster if you injure yourself.

Closing Thoughts

You should never try to cut down a tree if you do not have the skills and experience required. Be on the safe side by hiring a professional tree cutting company that is accredited and capable of completing the task safely and as per your specifications.